Dunny Point – A jewel of the sea at the corner of the country

April 6, 2017

Dunny point – The hidden paradise at the western most part of the country, located at the end of Bet Dwarka. Bet Dwarka is a small island situated at the western coast in Gujarat. And Bet Dwarka is connected to the Gujarat through okha jetty. One can reach to bet Dwarka by daily boat services from Okha jetty that costs you as low as 10 rs. only from jetty.

Clean water at sea

How to Reach Dunny Point ??

First of all reach Jamnagar in Gujarat state which is connected to most of the major towns of India by air, train or by road. From Jamnagar you can hire a cab to okha or you can go by train. From Okha you have to go on a ferry(boat) to reach bet Dwarka island.

Dunny point is the end tip of the island. There are many local vehicles(mostly rickshaws) who takes you to the Dunny point. Than after few minutes of walk you will be there at the tip of the island which is known as Dunny point.

So, which time period is Best for camping at Dunny point ??

December to February, perfect time to visit any beach locations in India. Winter seasons are free from scorching heats of summer and stormy winds of monsoon. The ocean water are nearly crystal clear in winter. So it will help you to explore the wide bio diversity of corals and other marine creatures.

Do you Know Why “Dunny point” is named as Dunny point ??

To know the reason, check the geography of gulf of Kutch. You can see that the bet Dwarka is separated form kutch by the Arabian sea. And this sea route is used by fisherman and traders of kutch to reach the bet dwarka. So most of the population of bet Dwarka speaks Kutchi accent more than typical Gujarati.

In kutchi language, the large amount of aggregation of sand is known as “duno”. And hence over the period of time this area of sandy land is started being called as Dunny point.

Marine Campsite by CEE (Centre for Environment Education)

The night under the clear sky and glazing stars with soothing sounds of waves is more than a healing. That is the place we spent our first night at dunny point in a marine campsite by CEE.

sundarvan marine campsite

The benefits of having a beach side camp is you don’t need to have heavy pockets for a beautiful beach view. How amazing it is to wake up to the sound of a roaring sea and see its vastness, to feel its warmness that welcomes you unconditionally !

The wave sound always reminds me this awesome quote by Henry Beston, “The three great elemental sounds in nature are the sound of rain, the sound of wind in a primeval wood, and the sound of outer ocean on a beach.”

If you are looking for beach activities, this place is not for you. Unlike walking around the sandy shoreline and having fun together under the star glazed night you don’t have much to do here. the place belongs to peace, stay with your friends, partner of family and enjoy the nature.

The camps are made of gunny sac, and washroom are temporarily built with same material supported by bamboos.  The most pleasant thing you can find here is the naked sky, the glazing stars and emptiness around is a rare thing to see in this city oriented life.

camping near sea side

We visited during the festival of holi, its the time of celebration at Bet Dwarka, people get together in a fair, meet each other and greets joy for each other. Many devotees of lord krishna visits this pilgrimage in large numbers on this festival.

Ecosystem At Bet Dwarka

Every place has their own ecosystem. Life is everywhere, from a desert to monsoon forests nature is present everywhere in form of creatures and leafs. Mangroves are the main plants around shore line. Apart from that algae covering the solid rocks, and other common seashore plants.

Birds mainly sand plover, oriental darter and seagulls. The large number of seagull found while going on ferry ride from Okha to bet Dwarka. They are mostly in groups.

fauna at dunny point

How many of us really spend time in knowing what nature conveys ! probably none ! But this trip gave me the peace and an opportunity to connect what nature has to say. Apart from the sound of sea waves, there are amazing birds chirping there, you can connect easily.

You may not know what they are talking but you can definitely enjoy whatever they are saying. Its rare and thus is automatically pleasant to our ears. Its amazing how they constantly bicker and yet its soothing.

seagulls while our ferry ride

The marine creatures are nearly same as in pirotan islands or Narara if you have visited. Most of all are the coral reefs, crabs and sea cucumber.

Mangroves, the most common tropical coastal vegetation found at dunny point in vast area. There are very strict rules now for conservation of mangroves shrub. As the ecosystem over there has suffered once due to heavy cutting of mangroves wood by locals.

Mangroves colony

The sea cucumber found in large numbers. You just walk by shore line and along with tide these creatures come to the shore. Though they are not harmful. They Never Bites. But They are very sensitive to your touch. They shrink on your touch as a self defense mechanism.

Dolphins will be there… If  You Are Lucky Enough !

Dolphins are the main attractions of dunny point. While going on the ferry from okha jetty to Bet Dwarka you can find many groups of dolphins. We were unlucky though to witness this beautiful creature due to seasonal effects.

According to locals residing there, if you want to see dolphins, visit in winter season and morning time especially. Its not like you visit once and you will have glimpse of dolphins. It may take many trips.  Therefore I will visit again and again in winter to chase this beautiful fish.

Marine Creatures

Ultimately, its a memorable experience. Connect to the nature and you will find yourself, your existence and your inner potential. Live life freely, travel more and earn experiences.

I have met 2 frequent travelers on my trip to dunny point. And a guy who has voluntarily retired from his highly valued construction job at New York to travel the world. They are chasing their dreams…. Are you doing the same…???

Want to travel like Roverbeing..?? connect with us by clicking here and we will notify you our next adventurous trip and help you to fulfill your travel dreams. Live a travel lifestyle, hustle for your dreams and be a Roverbeing.

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    Hello Hardik, can you please send me the details? as soon as possible, please.. I am thinking go there in diwali vacation so

    • hardik
      Reply hardik December 24, 2018 at 3:14 pm

      It’s a restricted place now due to environmental concerns. Subscribe to our mailing list or follow us on Instagram, Facebook or twitter. we will share details if it gets open again.

  • Reply Darshana November 18, 2017 at 10:53 pm

    I would like to visit this place with my family please let me know further details. How i can book is there any agent or any place we can book camp? Plz update

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      Hi Darshana Sending you details in your mail address.

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        I would like to visit this place with my family please let me know further details. How i can book is there any agent or any place we can book camp.We are planning go there on 22nd December.plz help me out

        • hardik
          Reply hardik December 24, 2018 at 3:11 pm

          This Place is restricted now due to environmental concerns. We will let you know as it opens again. you can visit bet dwarka which is closer to this place. We will let you know as it gets opened again. Subscribe in mailing list you will get all the updates.

  • Reply Dr. Pranav Bhadesia April 11, 2017 at 12:06 pm

    Lovely Place… Added to the list of places to be visited on the trip to Dwarka …

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    Such a very awesome blog…

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    Oh wow..we just missed this place..And very Interesting Story behind the name..And beautiful pictures describe it very well !!😊

  • Reply Lata Trivedi April 7, 2017 at 11:45 pm

    Picturesque description! Though I m frequent visitor, I came to know so many new things from this blog. Dunny is divine, serene place! I call it as pangong of Gujarat. It’s like pilgrimage place for me. Hardik, do visit in next ‘dunny season’, stay on that narrowing strip of land.I always feel like Arabian sea is embracing me from three sides! See u soon on shores of Dunny!

    • hardik
      Reply hardik April 8, 2017 at 10:40 am

      Hey Lata Trivedi… Thnx For appreciation… Glad you liked the blog as you are a frequent visitor of Dunny. And on next dunny trip i will definetely try your suggestion … Thank You very Much

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