6 simplest ideas to follow on world environment day to make earth a better place to live

June 5, 2017
World Environment Day

So everyone here is thinking to join a rally, plant a tree or to nourish the seed. This is what people are showing off on the world environment day. And even 2017 is no more abandoned. We are following the same system that spoiled the environment and expecting to get cured.

Global warming has raised concern, carbon emission is at its peak and plenty of species are facing the high risk of extinction, still we are sleeping like sloth. Our own home is in danger. Even after multiple environmental conferences, rallies and billions of fund raise we are still at zero.

So what to do ? Why do we have to still worry about  the planet earth ? Why are sea levels rising and average temperature of earth is rapidly increasing? we need to think and we need to act right now.

But How ??

By connecting with nature. And this is what the theme of World Environment Day 2017, “CONNECTING WITH NATURE – in the city and on the land, from the poles to the equator.” This really makes sense. In the illusion of development we actually forgot to develop the nature and rather bounded them.

Above all here are 6 simplest things to do for your mother nature. And its not so hard, just little changes in your day to day life and its done. The huge impact comes from baby steps, and this is what we all need to do.

1. Stopping Pollution Is The Best Solution.

Yes, this is the ultimate solution. And this is the hardest thing to do. Every year around 14 billion pounds of waste is dumped into the oceans. 70% of the industrial wastes are dumped untreated into the waters, polluting the clean water. Every year over 1 billion sea birds and 1,00,000 sea mammals are killed by pollution.

stop pollution

The figures are more than enough to act immediately. If these statistics doesn’t wreck your nerve, nothing else will. we all have the solution, we all know the facts and we all advice others to follow. But the most important thing to do is to start from your self and to start it from today only.

2. Gadgets, Go Away For A While

If you are reading this article, i bet you are a gadget freak and socially active. Though I promote blog reading for learning purposes, but being a gadget freak is the loss you will suffer in future. First of all give time to real world. Live offline and leave the online. The entire IT industry accounts for 3 % of the world’s carbon footprint. And its really serious.

Stay Away From Gadgets

Turn off the your internet connection when not required. Use eco system mode  in all devices. Charge your battery when the mobile are switched off. These kind of many small tips will ultimately help you and the environment for betterment of our planet. Try to spend one day in a week or month without mobile phones and get closer to nature.

3. Everyone is doing Plantation, but You Start Preservation.

The most common job on the world environment day is to plant 3 trees near your home, capture it while watering and then post it to various social medias. No one is taking care of these plants after posting it to social media. Also they are destroyed for various inhumanly human purposes. So let’s choose to protect what we have first and then to develop something new.

Water to all the plants near your home, office, garden and many other places which are near to your routine schedule. Try to protect the nature first.

4. Reduce, Reuse, Refuse and Recycle

Four simple words describes everything. Reduce your needs and try to live on lesser things. Utilize minimum resources to conserve the nature. Reuse the things that are possible. Don’t throw away the things that can be used multiple times. Like refill your pen instead of throwing it.


On this world environment day, Promise yourself to recycle the things until they are unusable. On plastic bottles and cans, the manufacturers have mentioned that how many times it can be recycled. Recycle accordingly. It will help to lessen the use of resources.

5. The fun of using Public Transport

Many times when we are capable of using our own vehicle, we avoid public transport. And people take proud in saying that they never use public transport. Well, my dear friend, nothing is more shameful than you using these words. Use public transport as many time as you can.

To really celebrate the world environment day we should spare at least a day in week to use public transport only. It reduces the carbon emission of individual vehicle and helps in saving the environment.

6. And Last but not the least, You can also Help By Selecting The Food you Eat.

Reduction in consumption of non-vegetarian food where vegetarian sources are easily available. Start eating at your home mostly. Avoid packaged food and drinks. As their manufacturing and processing requires the resources that are not environment friendly. Eat organic foods. Organic foods have no insecticides and pesticides added to them. So ultimately it will reduces the use of chemicals on farming and help reducing the pollution of water.

Grow your own garden. Having your own garden is a great way to eat organically. Avoid genetically modified food. Use fruits and vegetable that are the main habitat of your region. As eating foods of different regions is costly and requires a lot of man power to supply to your home and it will ultimately result in causing more pollution. So select your food wisely.

Photo Courtesy : Pixabay


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    Thanks sir-ji to share useful piece of writing..

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    Leave online.. & Love offline… Good Job Hardik

  • Reply Dr Parag Pathak June 5, 2017 at 11:45 pm

    Great insights and nicely put Hardik… We should be doing the things mentioned by you to prevent our future generations getting extinct..

  • Reply Rachit Vora June 5, 2017 at 9:33 pm

    Nice one bhai, informative and easy to do in routine lifestyle.

  • Reply Utsav Mehta June 5, 2017 at 9:12 pm

    Keep your surroundings clean. Don’t throw garbage anywhere on road or in lakes/rivers.

  • Reply Sanjari Sanghani June 5, 2017 at 8:10 pm

    Thank you for the really useful article.

  • Reply Sweta June 5, 2017 at 8:04 pm

    Dont remove nature to build, incorporate it in design.

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