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January 7, 2017
Live Your Travel Dreams

Who don’t want to live a life of travel ? Most of the people around us are earning hardly to live their around the world trip. They are chasing their travel dreams but in the process of following their travel dreams they have ruined their life, spoiled the system and vandalised the ethics.

Since mankind has invented the ways of his easy life, he is actually getting busy. TheĀ  process of earning money has cultivated our life into a slave. We are earning, we are spending, we are saving, we are investing, we are getting interest over money but losing interest in life.

And we think we are progressing, have you ever asked yourself that this criteria of progress is parallel to our bank balance..?? Happiness increses with increments in salary..??

A country’s GDP is the measurement of their citizen’s well being.?? If you are considering this thing as a measure of growth… than i deny it. These all are your desires, when one gets fullfilled, second one urges and the process never ends.

Intentionally or unknowingly we are following a chain of corporate culture. From peon to clerk, clerk to officer, officer to junior assistant, than manager, executive, coo, CEO and board of director. the entire life wasted in achieving a name plate that doesn’t exist out of your four walled office.

So why waste your time in these craps and why not utilize our life that belongs to nature, that is meant to live with souls and wander with birds. if we are meant to stay at one place we would have roots instead of feet.

Live the life of your dreams

We are always in a hurry to earn money, to earn relations and to build our social profile stronger than before. God has planned the itinerary of your life when you were born. whoever you be, wherever you are and whatever you are doing, you are going to survive until nature recalls you back.

Surrender yourself to nature to understand it from the core.

From a small ant to a gigantic elephant, from a poor kid to a billionaire uncle… everyone here gets a food air and shelter with few efforts and hard work, you do not have to run over things and materials… he the master of our earth has planned every creatures fortune. We just need to trust him and follow him.

But instead of following him we are interrupting him. We are disturbing his itinerary and we think we can survive better than he has planned for us. That’s where we are mistaken.

Explore Dream Discover

So Travel when you are young and enthusiastic. Learn from your experiences of the road that will help you wherever you go. work for your travel dreams.

Share your travel experiences, comment why you like travelling and what are your dreams, and how you are chasing them… and let the world know that your dreams are not limited to a cubic.

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