Solo Travel : Adore Your Solitude And Get Close To Yourself

June 7, 2016
Solo travelling : adore your solitude and get close to yourself

It looks quite awkward when I say that I travelled to that place alone. People looks at you with a weird expression and behave as if you have done something wrong.

What people think for solo travellers…???

People think that you don’t have a partner or any friend to accompany you. You are not able to convince anyone to join you for that adventure trip. Here I want to show them that they don’t know what they are talking about and I also advise them to go alone at least once in a while.

We actually live in a society in which every individual loves that solitude but showing off that he or she has a large number of friends, his contact list has thousands of contacts and his WhatsApp has hundreds of groups.

But deep inside ourselves, we seek for peace, we urge for places that are far away from our routine and has no connection with all our professional contacts.

And we find these places by travelling, by staying in a five-star resort, doing nothing, having a chilled beer on a table, beach view from the balcony and healing sound of waves. do you need any company there…??

Travelling solo is like a meditation. It’s a treatment to overcome your fear, it is the medicine to evaluate yourself. Whenever I travelled alone I have lots of time for myself, for my thoughts and for my creativity.

If you travel with company, you always seek to be with them. your opportunity of making new friends and connections nearly dies.

While I travel alone in a train I always find someone interesting to talk with who is a complete stranger. On contrast when I am with my friend travelling on road, train or by flight he or she is the one and only whom I make conversations. And giving up the plenty of options around me and continuing with that boring friend sometimes about whom I almost know everything.

However, these are my perspective for travelling. your thoughts may differ based on your aspect of looking at this world and your way of communicating with people.

Be the master of your own itinerary

You go with the flow. You stay with your hearts vibe. If some places find more attractive to you, you have chance to stay there without any one’s permission. You are able to leave your plans open to anything.

You become more social, more open minded and more friendly

Solo travel

While travelling alone, it feels you sometimes hard to cover up your loneliness but as the time passes you will get over it. When you have no one to talk with you start communicating with the stranger you keep sharing your stories and listening others more passionately that will help you to know more about people, culture, traditions and locals.

Get closer to your self

There is a famous quote,

“ I don’t travel alone to get away from anyone, I travel alone to get closer to me. “

When travelling alone, you have that number of hours to talk with yourself, to look deep inside your life, you will eventually learn to overcome your fear, you will assess your own mistakes and learn from it without any second opinion.

Opens the door of making new friends.

Since other see you travelling alone, sometimes they approach you by their side for conversation and you are completely alone even you like when someone talks and gives you company for a long journey. If you are already with a friend or in the family, you usually don’t talk with others.

Do whatever you like and don’t wherever you don’t like

Most of the traveller has sometimes no choices on food, sight seeing or any adventurous activities since they are flowing with the group and doing the thing that everyone is doing.

Here a solo travelling gives you the option to choose whatever you like without anyone else’s  wish. You go on a river rafting, spend a day in tents or live with a local, no limits to yourself, expand it up to horizons and make the best out of you.



However, solo travelling becomes frustrating sometimes if you can not overcome some basic  fear from yourself. Don’t try it until you are enough confident and sure about your decisions.


But at least once in a lifetime, you should go alone, let yourself flow with nature and live a life on the road.


Its fun, its adventure and its worth it.


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