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The Campfire Courtesy

January 17, 2017

Campfire at the forest is a custom followed by trekkers, travelers and business nomads who are spending their nights at the place away from civilization.

Fire gives them a sense of security, warmth in winter and means of socializing. Fire, the most important element has been is use since centuries and one of the basic need of humans.

That amazing conversation with like-minded travelers that took place in a campfire at the Gir forest made me realize the value of camping together. Creativity that flows with fire, burns the bad values within you and illuminate the positive vibes.

when you get away from your gadgets, surround yourself with nature and connect with souls, everything is appealing.

There is no wifi in the forest but you will find a better connection

Fire Fire…Campfire 

campfire is the place for maximum interaction. Your color, your profession, your position and your fame nothing matters here  all that matters is your skill, creativity and how you can entertain people. Campfire burns your ego and evaporates your pride if you have and rejuvenates you from the ashes.

campfire in night

A call of the wild to get around the fire in the moonlight madness sounds a perfect night in the forest. Campfire serves plenty of advantages to the campers. Some of them are

Calling all the camping campers

Perhaps the most common use and benefit of a campfire today is the psychological aspect of everyone sitting around it and socializing. A campfire has a mesmerizing, comforting and soothing effect on us – promoting pleasant social interaction.

Burnt offerings

Campfire during the trekking can be an ultimate way out for cooking.

campfire at forest

Barefoot in the park

Predators of the 4-legged variety will stay away from a campfire, making it an effective deterrent and benefit during the night if sleeping outdoors or in a minimal make-shift shelter.

Fire up the grill

Similar to a campfire’s use as a literal predator deterrent, it also provides a psychological sense of security.

Star light, star bright

Campfire serves as a source of light in the treks at night.

But How Green Is Your Campfire..??

But MAN is a complex being. He makes desert bloom and lakes die. He takes fire for fun and not only for survival. He ignore the fact that a spark neglected makes a mighty fire. Every trekker calling himself a nature lover, woodland creature, camping caper should consider the facts below before lightening the campfire.


Did you ever know this?

most fires do not burn perfectly. And as a result, wood smoke contains a lot of pollutants: chemicals like benzene and formaldehyde, as well as fine particles that can irritate lungs and eyes. Fine particles from the smoke and soot can be smaller than 2.5 micrometers — tiny enough to lodge themselves into the crannies of the lungs. The particles from wood smoke also can contribute to smog and haze.


In 2001, the local authorities in the national park at Mt. Khilimanjaro banned the use of wood for bonfire or cooking related purpose as it directly resulted in wiping out most of the forest cover in that region. Knowing that, a tree takes a longer time to grow and reach an age of maturity in higher regions of Himalayas, any re-planting initiative will take decades to show any kind of progress. Better is to wear warm clothing and not to encourage bonfires.

cutting of wood

And the other side of the coin, why campfire is prohibited at certain places.

No matter whatever the trekker hashtags himself/herself be it woodland creature or nature lover, we are only the visitors of the region and not the inhabitants. Only the inhabitants and the localities possess the nature environment as their assets.

An unattended fire can lead to devastation in forest.

A campfire is arranged for socializing of camp members. Its not possible to conduct campfire with pin drop silence. This leads to disturbance in routine activities of wild life and localities due to the noise pollution.

By analyzing every aspects of good and bad, right and wrong, nature has taught us that everything in limit is ideal. whatever you do, do it under the law and rules. If you cross your boundaries you will get punish and if you live in harmony with nature, the nature will reward you.

Follow the nature and nurture the species, while stop following the notoriety inside you.

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